Review on Nikola by Smart Car Tech


The largest taxi service on earth possesses no vehicles. Operating in over 77 countries with over 80 million consumers, there’s almost nobody who doesn’t understand about Uber. Founded in 2009, by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp at San Francisco California USA, the franchise started out as an internet taxi service, and ever since that time they’ve climbed into such as food shipping as well a transport network firm.

Certainly, Uber is your premier cab service supplier right now. This is why there is numerous entrepreneur trying their very own Uber program. But, making an uber program isn’t a simple endeavor. You’ll have to create a helpful program for taxi hailers, a motorist program where documented drivers may take orders in addition to a platform to control and oversee all operations continuing in your program. Therefore, you require a great deal of money, manpower in addition to dedication to be successful in the regional city. Even should you succeed in your own hometown, scaling your cab business becomes a hassle.

That is where Smart Car Tech comes in with Nikola. They supply launching ready Uber clone script which you may use to produce your very own taxi-hailing program. Their passenger program and driver program boast a great number of qualities which are needed to get a fully operational uber such as a program. Basic features like register/login, trip profile, history, referral code, booking, statement information and much more are incorporated into both the driver and passenger program. What’s more, they have a super easy internet interface from where you can control all facets of your cab business.

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The debut of self-driving automobiles has shaken the engine world. Virtually all significant brand engine companies like Tesla, GM, Toyota, Mercedes, Ford and etc have launched their own version of driver-less automobiles. Most experts are saying it is merely a matter of time before self-driving cars replace the people of self-driving automobiles. With clever automobile technician, they’ve implemented their program such your cab app software is currently compatible with driver-less cars. When self-driving vehicles come in the image, you don’t have to invest more money and source to update your current cab service program. Invest in the long run with Smart Car Tech.

The business also incorporates the Nikola script using facebook so that your customers can ask cabs via facebook. So if your client is about an iOS, Android, Tablet, Notebook or Desktop, they could hail a taxi from anywhere. What’s more, they also have contained an AI Bot that will do everything your cab app can perform.

Nikola also will come with a built in Fleet management module. Since you grow your cab company and acquire a growing amount of vehicles below your program, it will become a hassle to handle your growing fleet of vehicles. With Nikola, you’ve got access to several modules like asset management, vehicle inspection, driver monitoring, fuel management and much more. Thus keeping at the top of your own vehicles becomes a simpler task.

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Among the most troublesome aspects of getting your car being pushed about by unidentified drivers is the chance of abuse and reckless driving. Well, Nikola includes a built-in onboard diagnostic apparatus named Trip Land. This hardware is found on most of your cars and empowers real time monitoring. You might even obtain more data like fuel consumption, driving habits and much more. That means you may rest easy, or if you’re not, it’s possible to check up in your vehicles with Nikola.

If you feel that using a built from the wise wallet on your cab app is an unnecessary addition to your cab program, consider again. Virtually all online companies nowadays have their pocket and you should also. Together with Nikola, a wise e-wallet is already incorporated so that your customers can save money from the pocket and also have their trades be deducted from the wise e-wallet. They also supply a very visually attractive dashboard to handle your e-wallet.


Together with Nikola, you can get a high quality, white branded ride-hailing program. White branded means the Nikola made by Smart Car Tech could be rebranded any manner that you decide to do so. What’s more, Nikola is constructed such that using a one-time installation, it runs on auto-mode. Nikola be certain your cab shipment is optimized, collects fares, distributes motorist charges and deposits that your commision in your accounts, all with a single setup!

In general, Nikola is among the most exciting business ideas that we’ve come across. While many are emulating Uber by beginning their own Uber-like program, Smart Car Tech is catering to the need by making a white label product (Nikola) others may purchase from them. Smart Car Tech sells Nikola to folks who wish to begin a cab program for a tidy amount of cash while others receive the software/app they need without wasting weeks of the time awaiting custom computer software. Really killing two birds with one stone.



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