How To Start With Self Publishing School

publishing school
publishing school

What is the best self-publishing course available on the market?

Over the last few years, I had many writers ask me this very question. At the moment, my response was,”I have never taken any, so that I can not honestly tell you.”

In fact, how can anybody recommend such a valuable part of a self-publisher’s development if they have not taken one?

Well, that has changed. After hearing this question a lot of times, I decided I’d select the most well-known courses from the business and take all of them so I can finally answer that pressing question.

Yup, I really put in 48+ hours of watching videos and doing the classes in hopes I can provide you first-hand recommendations.

But, writing this was more difficult than I thought. It turns out there is not any such thing as the ideal course…but there’s such a thing as the right path for the ideal person.

Therefore, before you invest in a class based on a mention from an authority or a random email you found on your inbox, determine which class is the best for you and make the perfect investment to your goals as a writer.


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