How To Conduct Academy Feedback

Academy Feedback
Academy Feedback

Feedback from students, parents, carers and the community is very important to us as an academy. In this section it shows feedback that we’ve received from students, parents, carers and the community.

Now that they are thankfully around for another year, I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for how well prepared XXXX was for the Key Stage 2 Assessments.

Primarily, he had learnt what he needed to know, and might explain and apply it; when his older sister was in Yr 6 (in IPACA), it felt more like she had been coached in jumping through the hoops of this test.

I personally was aware through the news, social media and friends that kids in different schools were stressed to high heaven about these exams, whereas XXXX and his teammates felt confident and ready, almost sanguine about reaching their expected end point.

Thirdly, XXXX strengths and weaknesses were monitored so tightly that the fact his”kryptonite” of reflections came up on Wednesday gave the class and instructor an ironic laugh.


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