How Much Money does an Uber Driver Make In 2018


About 14th Jan 2016, Mark Macgann, the ex Board Advisor & Head Public Policy, tweeted”There are 1.5 million UBER drivers globally”.

With advertisements revealing rewarding earnings of $19.04/hr (INR 1211.04), there’s been a growing amount of UBER drivers globally.

There a slew of posts, researches and information which were published regarding just how much an UBER motorist gets. UBER asserts that their drivers get more than any other transport drivers.

Lately, videos and articles promising UBER to be a scam and’the way you’re in fact losing money with UBER’ have appeared out.

With this a lot of informations available online, an individual cannot help but be confused regarding the facts behind them.

HereI have summarized how UBER works along with the facts regarding just how far an UBER driver could make.

UBER: THE INNOVATION OF 21’ST CENTURY!If you want my opinion, what’s the biggest creation of our days is subsequently I will certainly say that it’s’Uber.’ This tiny program in your smartphone allows you reserve a taxi anytime.

In the majority of nations, Uber drivers operate 24/7, and you may reserve an Uber taxi in the press of a couple buttons onto your smartphone.

Errr… Wait! What’s UBER?Unless you’ve lived under a rock, I am certain that the majority of you understand the operation of the UBER program.

To get a passenger, you hail a taxi through the UBER mobile program or the UBER site.

You’re exhibited the approximate price of this ride ahead of your booking.

Your UBER arrives to pick up you and upon the conclusion of your trip, you pay the driver.

For an UBER motorist , nearby excursion requests are sent for you (UBER motorists ).

You may either accept or decline the trip petition. If you opt for the petition, the passenger place is relayed to you through your smartphone, and you pick up your passenger.

Upon the conclusion of the trip, you’re covered by the passenger in accord with the quotation of UBER.

This is our fundamental comprehension of UBER, But were you aware that’UBER is the world’s biggest cab company but it possesses no vehicles?

UBER uses computing systems (Mobile Application) to facilitate peer to peer connections between passengers and UBER drivers.

So what UBER essentially does is, it relays your (Passenger) requirement to get a ride with drivers which were enrolled to their own database (UBER drivers).

UBER includes a committed cover structure in addition to a formula to figure out the expense of the ride that’s later shown to the passenger and the UBER driver.


To become an UBER driver, there are particular conditions you have to fulfill.

  • You want to be over 21 decades old
  • You want to have had a driving permit for more than a year
  • You should have access to your car
  • You need to pass a background test.

I’ve listed the significant standards, however determined by where you are, there may be various added conditions which are needed.

For instance, to develop into an UBER motorist in San Francisco, you have to get a business license for your city.

Your 13 year-old automobile will not be sanctioned as a UBER secure ride in certain countries while it’s going to be UBER secure in different nations.

UBER is currently accessible over 370 big cities and because of their requirements for linking differ from town to city. To be aware of the complete UBER driver demands in your condition, it’s ideal to apply online to them and take a look at your eligibility to push for them.


UBER drivers are known as independent contractors rather than employees.

Because of this, among the most attractive quality of driving UBER is the simple fact that you’re your own boss.

Do you require work which isn’t the normal 9 to 5? What about your buddy’s birthday party this Monday?

Together with UBER, you have absolute freedom about when to push, in which you go and who to pick up, all in your own time and program.

UBER includes a definitive pay calculation system; if you’re driving for UBER as a part time or full time; you’re going to be compensated based on the amount of trips you finish.

If you’re thinking about beginning a company with UBER or some other taxi companies, we’ve got a thorough article on the way to start the company with Uber.

HOW IS THE PAY CALCULATED? UBER includes a standardized program for pay calculation.

The fees will be divided into:

  • Base Fare: This is actually the minimal base fare which needs to be compensated to ride the UBER of your pick
  • Per KM/Mi Fare: This really is actually the fare a KM/Mi for the entire space that you travel and can be adjusted to the UBER of your pick
  • Per Minute Fare: This really is actually the fare a Minute for the entire period of this traveling and is adjusted for the UBER of your pick
  • Booking Fee: Here is the booking fee for your UBER of your selection.

In LA at this time, to journey from the LA international airport into the National History Museum of Los Angeles County, you will need to travel a total of 15.3 kilometers for 20 mins.

Taking a look at the booking fees for an UBERX at LA; the bottom fare is $0.00, the percent KM fare is $0.96/mi, the percent Min fare is $0.15/min and the booking fee is $2.10.

The Entire fare is calculated with the following formula:

Total price = Base Fare + (a Mi fare * complete miles) + (a Min fare * complete min ) + Booking fees

→ $2.10 + ($0.96/mi * 15.3mi) + ($0.15/min * 20min) + $0.00

→ $2.10 + $15.7 + $3 + $0.00

→ $20.8

This implies that for carrying an UBERX in the LAX into the National History Museum of LA prices about $20-$28, taking under account that the trip might take longer to finish because of visitors.

Likewise in Bangalore, to journey by the Kempegowda International Airport into Brigade Road, you Want to travel a total of 35.6 Km for 59 mins.

Taking a look at the booking fees for the UBERXL; the bottom fare is INR 84, the percent Km fare is INR 17.85 percent Km, the percent Min fare is INR 2.10 percent Min along with the booking fee is INR 0.00

The Entire fare is calculated with the same preceding formula:

Total price = Base Fare + (a Km fare * complete Km) + (a Min fare * complete min ) + Booking fees

→ INR 84 + (INR 17.85/Km * 35.6Km) + (INR 2.10/Min * 59 Mins) + 0.00

→ INR 84 + INR 635.46 +INR 123.9 + INR order

→ INR 850

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SURGE PRICING? UBER, in its endeavor to give prompt services for each and every user, has introduced the idea of Surge pricing. This produces a market where UBER drivers may boost their earnings.

This facet of UBER has confounded a lot of consumers and there have been many remarks that condemn the spike pricing which UBER introduced within their system.

Now what precisely is Surge pricing?

Surge pricing identifies UBER’s dynamic pricing model where deliveries are higher in regions with more need for taxi. This means that based on the period and the afternoon, exactly the exact same ride may cost a different amount for consumers.

In UBER’s case, they’ve introduced a spike multiplier of 1.3x or 2.1xray. This explosion multiplier is applied to the amount of foundation, distance and time of the excursion.

From the UBER program, areas with higher need for rides are coloured in shades of crimson. The deeper the colour of crimson, the greater is the need and consequently you’ll incur increased surge multiplier.

This means that the fare calculation cited above is altered such that:

Total price = Base Fare * Surge Multiplier + (a Km fare * complete Km) * Surge Multiplier + (a Min fare * complete min ) * Surge Multiplier + Booking fees

This implies that for the aforementioned trips in LA and Bangalore; when the Surge Multiplier is 2.1xyour revised excursion fare is:

In LA, the complete fare in the LAX into the National History Museum of LA rises from $20.8 ⇒ $43.7

And in Bangalore, the complete fare from Kempegowda International Airport into Brigade street increases from INR 850 ⇒ INR 1785

That can be 2.1 times the initial price of this excursion.

In a glance, this might appear a normal illustration of having a cow for all it is worth.

But, UBER has been adamant in its choice to keep surge pricing because UBER is decided that surge pricing functions as an incentive for motorists to move to regions of greater need and consequently, guarantee quick service to its customers.

How can this aid UBER drivers?

Surge pricing also suggests that for UBER drivers which are working in Surge regions, i.e. high need areas; they could boost their cover.

At a surge area using a surge multiplier of 2.0x, UBER drivers can make double the standard numeration.

To Identify surges on the map
–Yellow suggests a heightened need
–Orange suggests a significantly increased need
–Red suggests that it’s gotten to a point where the spike is triggered.

Imagine you’re in Times Square, New York on New Year’s Eve and you want to return to your place only after midnight. Imagine the chaos, the visitors, and most significant, the high need for cabs. With a large quantity of Uber cab asks; surge fee is subsequently employed for the region.

That is how surcharge functions; the more need, the more income you want to pay. And this really is a golden chance or Uber taxi drivers to produce a bit more from the insanity.


UBER requires a total of 20 percent by the entire excursion sum. There are no monthly fees nor any other obligations that has to be paidoff.

This implies that if you got a total of $1000 out of the passengers in america. You’ll have to cover 20 percent to UBER, i.e. $1000 * 20% = $200. This means following the UBER percentage decrease, you’ll be left with $800.

Likewise in India; if you got a total of INR 10000, then you’ll have to cover 20 percent to UBER, which comes to INR 2000 and you’ll be left with the equilibrium of INR 8000.


As I mentioned previously, when you push for UBER, you’re known as independent contractors. This usually means there is an assortment of expenses which UBER drivers are expected to sort themselves out.

Fundamental expenses comprise:

  • Telephone and Data Strategy Price:

To qualify as a UBER motorist, you want a mobile device using a data plan which can cover your UBER requirements and navigationals needs. This payment needs to be accomplished by the driver themselves.

UBER does not cover gasoline price. For this reason, you have to take your gasoline cost from the money in hand you’re receiving out of the passengers.

UBER needs you to get your automobile insured commercially. Most insurances don’t cover your vehicle for industrial usage. There’ll most likely be an increase in your car or truck insurance when they understand that you’re driving for UBER.

Each mile that you drive in your own vehicle depreciates it. As with any other valuable thing, your car loses its worth because of aging and regular wear and tear. When you push UBER, each mile takes off from your car or truck value.

UBER does not withhold tax on behalf of the drivers. This usually means that you’re needed to cover your tax. Every trade is taxable and consequently it’s wise to save to your tax deductions in the gross amount that you make with UBER.

Another attribute of UBER is the evaluation system. UBER advises that you maintain various amenities like bottled water, gum or telephone chargers offered for the passengers. This functions as an incentive for passengers to speed you better. A consistent low score may result in the conclusion of your contract with UBER.

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In accordance with specific sites: In the United States, if you were to make $1000 as your Gross income (total money received from passengers)

  • You’ll need to pay $200 to UBER (20 percent )
  • you’ll need to pay $200 (approx. 20%) as automobile expenditures, rider comforts, cellular data coverage and other expenditures.
  • You’ll have to pay $76 (approx. 8%-10%) as the GST
  • then you’ll have to pay $195 as your income taxation.

This usually means you will have a total of 369 left as your real net gain. (approx. 37 percent of your gross income).

Likewise in India, in accordance with the site: An typical UBER drivers generates an average of $ INR 21,000 a month.

But realize that calculating the estimated earnings of an UBER motorist can simply be completed in generalisation.

UBER has countless clientele with diverse choices; each motorist has separate selection of vehicles, together with diverse insurance in addition to different time programs. There are drivers who have UBER because their entire time job while some possess UBER because their part time occupation.

This makes it incredibly difficult to think of a harmonized cost chart. Should you drive a Toyota Prius, your costs at gasoline and services will probably be wholly different from the other driver that drives a Toyota Innova.

Such varied group of builders that work various hours using various vehicles ends in the many confusing data which you could discover online.

CONCLUSIONIf you think from the UBER advertisements that claim you can make around INR 100,000 a month, then I’m sorry to inform you it is impossible.

UBER provides a stage for one to behave as a private builder such which you make money for a taxi driver whilst working in your own time and program.

Together with all the vast differing clientele which UBER boasts, it’s not possible to compute just how much you can make by driving for UBER.

I’ve provided an overall perspective on the financial issues you will encounter while driving for UBER in addition to an overall revenue bracket which you may expect to make.

But, it’s a competitor’s economy on the market. There are numerous ways which you may take to make certain you get more than that which I’ve anticipated.

For eg, you can plan and choose a tactical program such that you make your base pay multiplied by the spike multiplier. Planning and functioning in high need areas in addition to high need time program must be an initiative by you if you’re seeking to improve your earnings.



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