Handy tips for ICO marketing strategy



You have a great idea and have made it possible. Now you want to market it for a profit. You have considered Initial Coin Offering (ICO) as your mode to reach out to the masses. With the advent of advanced technology, people are leveraging smart techniques. Gone are the days when your idea of a startup would take decades to mature.

This guide is your toolbox for effective ICO Marketing. We will share with you proven industry techniques and best practices for the purpose.

Handy tips for ICO marketing strategy

Checklist for effective ICO marketing:

1.Know in and out of your product or service; write a whitepaper

Scale the awareness of your product or service. You have to know all use cases and scope of improvement.

With the background knowledge, you have to write an engaging whitepaper. You should not drown the reader in monotonous content, but attract them to keep reading.

2.Build trust and authority of your startup

When the value-add your product or service provides customers, better will be the response for your ICO. The trust and authority of your startup have to grow.

There are salient techniques which can be leveraged for the purpose and seeking professional help is one of them. Good product and an equally good branding have to go hand in hand.

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3. Be active on social media and public relations

You have to reach out and people have to call out, confirming your credibility. A solid presence on social media will give much chance of success for the ICO.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are some key social media giants that can be leveraged to broadcast your reputation, also promote your ICO.

4.Publish announcements on popular ICO calendars

There are a host of public ICO calendars where you can announce your offer. Advanced traders are well aware of such facilities and make full use of it.

People who regularly check these calendars will definitely opt for your ICO if they find it relevant and meeting their purpose. Besides, journalists from top blogs will refer calendars to feature ICO in their articles.

5.Promote your ICO with paid advertisements

Often a simple advertisement in a famous newspaper or journal provides the necessary push to promote your ICO. While there are several medium for advertisement, it is recommended not to spend too much on paid ads.


6.Promote email marketing and paid promotion

The humble email goes a long way in attracting users to your ICO. You may irritate the user by sending too many emails, so the approach would get their attention and be slow.

ICO marketing strategy

Paid promotions are another great way to engage the user. Many streaming video channels support paid promotions and the technique here is to be creative and pleasing.

7. Try to analyze and get numbers for your approach

You should not excessively advertise and not have data at hand for your effort. Analyze your every move and optimize them.

There are many software tools that can aid you to logically numerify how your promotion is faring. Besides, analyze your prospective customers and identify their workflow to opt for your ICO.

Our discussion on effective ICO marketing can be summarized as:

  • Maintain the health of your ICO landing page. The landing page must not be broken and must be engaging to capture attention.
  • The ICO whitepaper must be detailed and yet readable. It must explain the ICO, the team, the roadmap and the end goals clearly.
  • Define the problem statement and how your ICO can address it. Define the great benefits your startup would offer post a successful ICO.
  • Believe in effective marketing. Blogs, photos and videos are some medium to reach out. A celebrity with a humorous touch can instantly capture attention.

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We have collected some great tips that can boost your ICO marketing strategies. While these tips are common and effective, they are not binding. You may work upon better techniques to promote your ICO.

A successful ICO promotion can work wonders and enhance your product or services. Be informed not to promise excessively and provide practical benefits. We hope you liked our discussion! It is now your turn to write back to us. Your general thoughts and feedback are welcome. We will address them at the earliest.



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