5 Ways HR Drives Sales Success



Human Resources (HR) is the staffing department as a company. The HR manager is a professional that is trained to recruit, onboard, and handle terminations for a company. Since the HR department is not involved in the day-to-day company functions of the company, it may seem that they are not involved in driving sales. Here we will show how the actions of the HR department actually drive sales.

5 Ways HR Drives Sales Success

  1. Assure that Recruitment Efforts Align with Sales Agenda

Every company has a corporate agenda. The HR manager should sit down with the Sales Manager to see what exactly they would like to see in a candidate. The more the HR manager understands the sales strategy of the company and the type of candidate the team needs. Incorporating an integration plan will allow the recruit to get acclimated to the work environment.

  1. Personality Testing

It is essential for the Human Resources manager to understand the type of candidate she is interviewing. Personality tests will give a glimpse into the thinking of the prospect. HR can administer a test that is intended to quantify the personality to see if they are a good fit for the sales team.

  1. Evaluating Performance

The HR officer at an organization should measure the performance of the new recruit during the early phases of his employment. If HR keeps a watchful eye on the productivity reports for the new employee, plenty of information can be gleaned from these figures. HR needs to work closely with the sales managers to help them see beyond the figures and adequately measure the worker’s performance.

  1. Job Description

While the sales manager is aware of what he would like to see in a prospect, the HR manager can assist by structuring the job description in a standard company format and research the legal ramifications of the description if any.  

  1. Screening Candidates

With the assistance of the sales leader, the HR manager will be able to construct questions that will quickly give the HR the ability to separate the wheat from the chaff. Processes, scorecards, and scripts can be devised to allow the interviewer to quickly weed out the candidates that don’t fit the criteria. The insights that HR is able to give sales after conducting interviews will help in the process of developing a hiring system that assures candidates are appropriately screened.



Is it clear how HR and the sales leader can work together to create a seamless hiring process? For many years, the HR and sales department were separate and felt that there was no need to get involved in each other’s business. When there is cooperation between the departments the likelihood that an appropriate fit for the opening will be selected is much higher.

The beauty behind this modern-day integrated workplace, where departments that once worked separately, is that by coming together, the HR department and the sales department can devise a recruitment and hiring process that best exemplifies what the company stands for.



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