When it comes to running a restaurant, it is extremely important to have a loyalty program. You have to be careful what your program includes and how it is managed to achieve the best impact. So what steps should to take to create and run your loyalty system the right way? Follow these tips to make the right impact.

1. Create a Customer Loyalty Program

It is surprising that most restaurants never create a customer loyalty program. ‘Repeat customers’ is a basic characteristic of the restaurant business. If you can give them incentives to keep returning, there is every reason why they will keep coming back to you. Studies show that a loyalty program from restaurants can boost guest visits by over 35%.
It is recommended to build a mobile-enabled loyalty program to provide optimal convenience to your consumers. Studies show that almost 50% of restaurant guests desire to join and check loyalty programs on their mobile devices. Besides, it is affordable and easier for you to create an app-based restaurant loyalty system. It means instant alerts and easier and quick access to rewards.

2. Regular Customer Engagement

Gaining new members into your loyalty program is an important aspect of growing your restaurant business. However, it is equally important to engage regularly with them. The program should be developed to allow sustained customer engagement. Regular engagement allows you to gain valuable information about what matters the most to your customers.

Studies show that consumers are most likely to join a restaurant loyalty program that enables faster points accumulation and rewards. It is highly recommended to provide an initial reward to encourage them to sign-up to the program. It can give a big boost to encouraging them to continue with your loyalty program to seek more rewards.

It is recommended to create tiers based progressive rewards system to keep your guests engaged and interested. For example, when they earn a specific number of points at your restaurants, place them in a higher tier. Once they reach this tier, let them earn double the points for each action. This speeds up the points accumulation and also gives them a greater reason to keep coming back.

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3. Make Your Guests Feel Like VIP

Make Your Guests Feel Like VIP

Create an abbreviation for guests who reach different tiers. This will help your own staff to treat your guests appropriate to their tier level. For example, you can affix appropriate abbreviations to orders and reservations. It can inform your employees to provide VIP treatment to your guests. This doesn’t mean that new guests shouldn’t receive high-quality treatment. You should also provide them with special care and services to build loyalty.

It is recommended to provide a personalized experience to your guests. For example, saying hello while calling them by their name can make a strong impression. You can train your staff to address guests by their first name. It is going to make them feel like a VIP. It is also recommended to include features like ‘customer of the month/week’ in your loyalty program.

4. Regular Brand Reminders

It is natural for people to remember something that they see every day. If you can get your guests to connect with your brand every day, it is going to keep your brand in their mind. You can do this in different ways:

•Encourage your guests to follow your restaurant on social media
•Make sure to post useful and valuable content on a daily basis
•Create an app that is interesting and engaging
•Consider what your guests like to do every day and create your brand messages around their activities.

So make sure to follow these tips when promoting your restaurant through a loyalty program. Once you build a pool of highly loyal and engaged customers, it will help boost your customer base and repeat business.

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