4 Things to learn from Giants in the Online Business



The outlook of the current online shopping scenario is dominated by a handful of giant companies. With the likes of Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Alibaba, the online business seems to expand and reach more people.

If you are planning to grow your business, to join this elite class of companies, it might look to you a massive, almost impossible challenge. But we’ve got your back with this article.

And if you have not yet established an online presence for your presence, now is the right time to have one. The reason why you need to follow the footsteps of some of the giants in the market is that the audience in large number has preferred sales channel from the eCommerce industry.  

4 Things to learn from Giants in the Online Business

And according to projections, global eCommerce sales are set to rise exponentially to 4 trillion U.S. Dollars by 2020. These shopping sites have not only become convenient for the customers, but also digital platforms like these are providing many opportunities for small businesses to grow and succeed. Online companies are empowering startups to build their business and offering the established ones with another outlet to increase their annual revenue.

Here are four things that you need to study from the giants of the e-commerce industry:

The biggest online retailers in the market are invariably committed to providing the best support to their customers. They also offer support to their customers via multiple channels to get the help and advice they need.

The most proficient e-commerce businesses recognize the importance of being readily available to the customers. Furthermore, potential customers look for ways to judge the reliability of the e-business such as social proof and dismay any uncertainty before purchasing a product.

Thus, as an online business, if you want to boost your conversion rate optimization (CRO), you should offer 24*7 help and advice to your clients.


As the online industry is witnessing a rapid growth, patience level of customers happens to be low, and as a business set up online, you have to make sure they find what they are looking for.

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One of the common things that are found with top retailers is the on-site search function present at the top of the window. A quick and active keyword search remains the best way for customers to find what they need.

Several e-commerce giants nail it when it comes to personalization. User-experience on their sites are heavily personalized and are tailored towards users need and intent.

Therefore, as e-commerce, you should focus on offering the most personalized user-experience, as it plays a crucial role in the success and revenue growth of the business.

To make it clear for you, Amazon here is a great example of personalization. As it sells pretty much everything and can be astounding for customers to go through a myriad of products. Amazon creates customized homepages for individual users, offering them a starting point to their buying journey.

Do you know about the Amazon ranking algorithm? No, well check it out.

Once users reach a product page, it displays a list of recommended merchandises that are compatible with the viewed products. They boost the cart value by showing other items that other customers have bought along with the products that are being viewed currently.

Amazon along with recommendations offers discounts on bulk orders to influence the customers to buy more items at once.

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The increase in the use of mobile devices has made it imperative for e-commerce businesses to optimize their sites to fit into smaller screens. If you do not want that, then you will be missing out on over a million consumers who use e-commerce for mobile transactions.

Tablets and smartphones might have larger screens than mobile phone used to, but a regular website will still be challenging to view and require lots of scrolling up and down.

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Moreover, a significant number of online buyers begin their journey on one screen and take it on another device. Therefore, you need to incorporate all your features on the mobile website as well, as to provide the same fluency and feel as on the desktop.

All major online retailers have optimized websites that offer seamless site surfing and hassle-free buying. Google emphasizes mobile friendliness for determining the site ranking. You might significantly lose user traction if you do not score high on the search listings.



The success of the e-commerce giants is no secret. And, when you spend time exploring their hard work, you realize that their success is not by accident. They have a strategic approach to various aspects of their operations, and their business model is user-centric.

If you want to grow your business online,  we recommend you to replicate the points mentioned above, as there is not much requirement of resources to imitate them. All you need is to have the willingness to accept new technology and commitment to providing the customers with the best user experience.



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