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How To Face Your Fears


Just a small amount of fear is normal. In actuality, fear will help you instinctively protect yourself from injury. Your fear might enable you to recognize when you are about to do something dangerous and it might enable you to make a safer choice.

But, you may end up fearful of things that are not actually harmful, like public speaking. Your fear of public speaking might stop you from progressing in your career and that can be frustrating. If you really need to go on a holiday to Europe, but your fear of flying prevents you from setting foot in a plane, you may feel as though your fear stops you from living your dream.

You may realize that your fear holds you back or produces bigger problems on your life.1

If You Face Your Fear?

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You do not have to conquer every fear you encounter. A fear of tsunamis is not a big deal if you live 1000 miles from the sea. But it might be an issue if you stay on the shore and you panic each time you hear about storms, earthquakes, or high tides as you believe you may be in danger.

Have an inner conversation with yourself about what your fears are stopping you from doing, and think about if it is a problem that you will need to confront. Are your fears causing one to lead a less fulfilling life than the one you hoped for?

Think about the advantages and disadvantages of not confronting your fear. Write those down. Then, identify the advantages and disadvantages of handling your fears head-on. Write down everything you could achieve or how your life may be different.

Reading more than those lists can help you make a clearer decision on what to do next. If you choose to proceed, the best way to overcome a fear is to confront your fears head-on. However, it’s important to do so in a healthy manner that assists you to move past the fear as opposed to in a manner that traumatizes you.

How To Become a Bookkeeper


How to Be a Bookkeeper

Follow these five steps, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a bookkeeper.

1. Start with an Internship

Many accounting and accounting offices are willing to let high school or college students work part-time as interns. They get help with their tasks, and you receive a first-hand look at what it’s like to work as a bookkeeper.

During an internship, you will likely learn about the computer programs the company uses, as well as how the company maintains accurate records and stays on top of the most recent regulations.

2. Get Acquainted with Accounting Software

One of the best ways to learn what it takes to be a bookkeeper is to study accounting applications and get a feel for how it works. There are a lot of online tutorials which can help you learn the fundamentals. You can also always speak with a bookkeeper in person for more hands-on instruction, too.

Understanding how to use programs like a pay stub generator is also helpful in making you a valuable bookkeeper. These tools streamline the bookkeeping process and assist you in making sure everyone gets paid on time.

3. Consider Additional Education

Some employers want their bookkeepers to have at least an associate’s degree. Have a look at postings for jobs around you and find out if that’s true for businesses in your area. If so, it might be worth the investment to return to school so you can make yourself more marketable.

4. Get Certified

When you’ve worked as a bookkeeper for at least two decades, it is possible to become a Certified Bookkeeper through the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers.

To receive this certification, you want to pass a four-part examination and adhere to a code of ethics.

Being a Certified Bookkeeper will open you up to a whole new level of accounting jobs, with higher pay and other benefits. It is worth doing if you think accounting is the career for you.

5. Get Licensed

After becoming a Certified Bookkeeper, you can go on to become a licensed Certified Public Bookkeeper.

This distinction comes from the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers. To attain it, you ought to take 24 hours of continuing professional education classes every year.

How to Become a Ghostwriter


For those who haven’t got a toe in the doorway of ghostwriting, let alone a complete foot, it is always wise to begin with step one. This implies coordinating your credentials and experience so you can hit the world of ghostwriting thoughts on.

1. Write your own books

You do not hear of many musical prodigies writing beautiful songs before picking up a tool. Or at least, our freelance ghostwriter with over 25 years in the publishing business, Mike Towle has not.

“Seriously, how do you write a book for somebody else, in their voice, when you have never written one yourself? Even better, write two or three. Shoot for at least 50,000 words each so that you get a sense for writing something that long: dealing with the principles of voice, story, flow, etc..”

Not sure whether your specialty is fiction, non-fiction or memoir (or all the above)? Dip your feet into all of the ponds initially and see that you have a knack for.

2. Act like a professional

Picture this: you are at a social gathering and someone asks what you do for a living.

“I am a ghostwriter,” you tell them.

“Brilliant! I am the CEO of a big company and I’m searching for someone to write my memoir,” they answer. “Where can I see your work?”

And you’ve got nothing to say — you were not ready for this question. Awkward! One easy way to prevent this nightmare is by following the help of creative Reedsy ghostwriter Stacy Ennis.

“Create a website and professional email address. Order business cards. Start professional social media accounts. Update your LinkedIn profile with the name”ghostwriter.” Begin calling yourself a ghostwriter when you meet people. Basically, treat it like a business and be prepared when it is time to provide your services.”

3. Build your credentials

Ghostwriting is a competitive business and you will need to get your foot in the door before you worry about the rest of the body. A excellent way to do this is by contributing to well-known books or literary magazines.

  1. Guest posts: Reach out to firms and provide to ghostwrite articles for them — if for their own blog, or for external books you’ll pitch to on their behalf. Huffington Post and Forbes are equally credible options that accept guest entries.
  2. Literary magazines: Both fiction and non-fiction ghostwriters ought to have a knack for impeccable storytelling. Getting your work published in literary magazines is a excellent addition to any resume. You can see a list of literary magazines that accept direct admissions.

It is important to keep writing — but it’s also critical to write frequently about the area you are interested in, based on Stacy Ennis.

“Among the best ways to be viewed as an authority within a business is to be the most consistent person talking about it.”

So as you are composing guest posts or submitting to literary outlets, also write articles about ghostwriting. Or, if you really need to ghostwrite novels about pilots, by way of instance, write articles about aviation. Publish them on your blog or on other sites as a means to underscore your authority in your chosen field.

Is Grammarly Premium Worth It

Grammarly Premium
Grammarly Premium

One of my customers has a subscription to the grammar-checker agency Grammarly. The fundamental function provided by Grammarly — identifying most spelling and punctuation errors — is no cost. But if you would like the stronger version you will need to pay $29.95/month.

That price sounds little, but like mobile phone and cable bills, it adds up fast. That relatively small monthly fee works out to $359.40 per year, which is not exactly small potatoes. Needless to say, you can save some cash if you are prepared to pay quarterly ($19.98/month or $239.76 annually ) or yearly ($11.66/month or $139.92 annually ). But — here is my important warning — do not sign up for a yearlong program unless you are certain it is going to pay off for you.

So, what is the difference between the free version and the superior one? And how does this compare to the spell checker everybody gets with MS Word? Here’s my take on grammar and spelling checkers:

MS Word is far better than nothing. But not by much. It will capture a few of the more egregious mistakes you might make. However, it will not always identify homonyms — words which sound the same but carry different meanings: street vs. rode, as an example. (I just did a test, and Word captured the gap between their and they are so its artificial intelligence has improved in the past five decades, at least)

The free version of Grammarly is a lot more sophisticated than Word. It captures a bevy of mistakes that Bill Gates’ software stinks. I just ran my blog post from last week , and it identified 12 of what it termed”critical issues” in the article. I didn’t agree with a few of these as I eschew the Oxford comma (unless I want it for clarity) but it grabbed a couple of things I had missed. For example, in the sentence:

This is nearly always wrongheaded, and is a great way to convince yourself that you’ve got a case of writer’s block.

Grammarly told me I should not have used a comma following wrongheaded. Oh, oh. Grammarly was right.

Then again, for the sentence:

Some folks are born tall; others are born brief.

It advised me that brief ought to be soon . Nice try, Grammarly, but you are wrong about that.

Whatever the case, I appreciated the small explanatory notes Grammarly supplied with every”error.” I also enjoyed the way I managed to ignore their advice when I deemed it unnecessary or wrong.

How to Find a Book That You Don’t Know The Name of

Find a Book
Find a Book

This is an issue lots of students may have experienced countless of times. It can be very frustrating trying to bear in mind that book you read on your childhood about the child whose family moved into a new estate and had to fight magical creatures that want a journal that he discovered containing information about all the mythical creatures (FWI: The Spiderwick Chronicles), or a certain textbook you came across in high school that perfectly clarified the laws of quantum physics. But hey, do not lose hope on finding that book just yet! There are various strategies to assist you in your search.

It is possible to ever actually underestimate the power of Google. Google is among the quickest and most dependable search engines online. You will find absolutely anything there. In 2015 Google launched another site named Google Books Library Project that works as a particular search engine only for books! Additionally, it makes the whole text from many books searchable. When you look for a key word or phrase in a book, the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) yields basic bibliographic information about the book and relevant snippets of context around the key words. If a book is out of copyright, then you may read and download the entire book. Occasionally publishers give permission for their books (or parts of them) to be available on Google Books — including popular ones. Here are a few hints when attempting to find a book on Google Books;

How To Conduct Academy Feedback

Academy Feedback
Academy Feedback

Feedback from students, parents, carers and the community is very important to us as an academy. In this section it shows feedback that we’ve received from students, parents, carers and the community.

Now that they are thankfully around for another year, I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for how well prepared XXXX was for the Key Stage 2 Assessments.

Primarily, he had learnt what he needed to know, and might explain and apply it; when his older sister was in Yr 6 (in IPACA), it felt more like she had been coached in jumping through the hoops of this test.

I personally was aware through the news, social media and friends that kids in different schools were stressed to high heaven about these exams, whereas XXXX and his teammates felt confident and ready, almost sanguine about reaching their expected end point.

Thirdly, XXXX strengths and weaknesses were monitored so tightly that the fact his”kryptonite” of reflections came up on Wednesday gave the class and instructor an ironic laugh.

How To Download Grammarly For Word


Installing the Grammarly Program

Grammarly includes a brand new app (also referred to as an add-in) for Microsoft Office that enables Walden students to include Grammarly’s checks directly to a Microsoft Word file. Rather than submitting your paper to Grammarly via Grammarly’s site, you can just enable Grammarly after your document is prepared to check. Here are some steps for how to download Grammarly’s new program and use it on your Word document drafts!

  1. Save and close anything you have open in Microsoft Word because you will have to restart it to bring the app.
    • You may also have to allow pop ups on your browser settings to complete this procedure.
  2. Visit Grammarly in https://www.grammarly.com/edu/signin.
  3. Log in with your Walden email (do not forget the u in waldenu.edu) and password to your Grammarly account. Click Log in.
    • Should you not yet have a Grammarly account, you can create one with your Walden email and set a new password. For more instructions on setting up an account, visit our Accessing Grammarly page.

How To Convert $40,000 To Per Hour

Per Hour
Per Hour

As a simple baseline calculation, let’s say you take two weeks off every year as outstanding vacation time. Then you would be working 50 weeks of the year, and if you operate a normal 40 hours per week, you have a total of 2,000 hours of work every year.

In cases like this, you are able to quickly calculate the hourly wage by dividing the annual salary by 2000. Your annual salary of $40,000 is then equal to an average hourly wage of $20 per hour.

How To Start With Self Publishing School

publishing school
publishing school

What is the best self-publishing course available on the market?

Over the last few years, I had many writers ask me this very question. At the moment, my response was,”I have never taken any, so that I can not honestly tell you.”

In fact, how can anybody recommend such a valuable part of a self-publisher’s development if they have not taken one?

Well, that has changed. After hearing this question a lot of times, I decided I’d select the most well-known courses from the business and take all of them so I can finally answer that pressing question.

Yup, I really put in 48+ hours of watching videos and doing the classes in hopes I can provide you first-hand recommendations.

But, writing this was more difficult than I thought. It turns out there is not any such thing as the ideal course…but there’s such a thing as the right path for the ideal person.

Therefore, before you invest in a class based on a mention from an authority or a random email you found on your inbox, determine which class is the best for you and make the perfect investment to your goals as a writer.

How To Start Business With Ola And Uber in 2019



In this fast-paced and competitive modern world, quick and easy transport has become an ever-increasing demand.

As such, by starting a business with Ola and UBER; you are supplying to this demand, and in the process, you can earn a tremendous sum of money.

If you want to attach your car with Ola and Uber cabs, then you have to follow down below information which can help you to start a business with these cabs company. Starting a successful business with these cabs are much easier, all you need is just to follow down below instructions which can help you to create a successful business with these cabs companies.

So, now you can grow your cabs business with Ola and Uber, the two taxi giants present in our country, to earn huge amount of money from these cab companies.

attach cars with ola,uber,taxi for sure

These two taxi giants, Ola and UBER, are becoming very popular and can be found in most of the bigger and faster developing cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Goa, Chennai, Bhubaneswar, Kochi, Pune, Chandigarh, Allahabad, Aligarh and Nagpur to a total of 103 cities in India.  

The Basic Requirement to attach your Car To Any Of These Cab Companies, Follow these Simple Steps Which are Listed Below:-


  • You can attach a new car or a used commercial car as long as it is in good condition.
  • You can drive the cab yourself or hire a driver who has a commercial license.
  • You need an ID proof, Police Verification, PAN card, UID (Aadhar card), Bank Statement or Driving License.
  • You also need to open a current account for all the transactions.
  • You need to apply for Income Tax and Service Tax registrations as it is mandatory to proceed and work with the cab companies.
  • To register yourself with either Ola or UBER, you need to contact them. Their contact details will be given below.
  • Ola and UBER have opened local offices in all the cities where they operate in.
  • To attach your car with the cab companies, you can either contact your nearest regional office, or you can directly contact their main office
  • After finishing your registration, you will get a representative from the cab company who will inspect your car.
  • After all these, you will get your new smartphone within a week with the respective cab company app featured in it.
  • The local office will also provide all details, necessary guidelines and other things to get you started.

So there you have it.

These are the basic requirement to attach your car with Ola and UBER and start a business with them.

So Get, Set and GO! Who are you waiting for? Start a business with these cab companies and make a significant amount of money.

Let us look at the top leading taxi booking company in INDIA;

Of the many cab companies in India, Ola has been a hit with the Indian market. Ola is an Indian online transportation network company managed by ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The central headquarter of Ola is in Bangalore, while there are branches all over India.

Ola also has regional offices in all cities that they operate in.

Currently, Ola operates in 103 cities in India, and all these locations have regional Ola office. Click here to find the list of all the cities that Ola operates in.

Many people are attracted to Ola and use it as their means of transportation within and outside their cities.

Passengers can travel in great comfort and safety for an affordable tariff and charge with Ola. One can book an Ola cab with great ease using the Ola app available for all online mobile users.

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Ola has recently started taking offline bookings (via SMS) in major cities like Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai.
attach car with ola

Whether it be a quick auto to get to your local market 15 mins away or a Luxury car to pick up your date; Ola provides a different type of vehicle booking based on your preference.

The different types of the cab that customers can book are:

  1. Ola Share (Share your cab with someone else to reduce your cost)
  2. Ola Micro
  3. Ola Mini
  4. Ola Prime (Sedan, Play, SUV)
  5. Ola Autos (Auto Rickshaw)
  6. Ola luxury
  7. Ola Rentals (Rent a car)
  8. Ola Outstation
  9. Ola Shuttle.

Attach cars with ola company

As of now, there are three ways that you can start a business with Ola.

  1. Join Ola as a partner with a Car
  2. Join Ola as a driver
  3. Join Ola as a Fleet Operator


1. Join Ola as a partner with a car

Attaching your car to Ola Cabs is an easy procedure.

Simply call Ola customer care center and they will provide you with all the details and information needed to attach your car with Ola Cab.

Be sure to read all the applicable terms and conditions before attaching your car. You will also need to be conscious of the fact that different cab types have different charges and offer in all the cities.

To register with Ola Cabs:

  1. First, you need to call your nearest regional office. You can also call the main office for the registration of your car.
  2. You need to submit the required documents to the company.
  3. Your car should be clean, neat and in good condition as you need to submit photographs of your car for the initial assessment of your car.
  4. You will also need to bring your car to your nearest regional office where the Ola staff will audit your car and check if your car meets Ola’s standard.
  5. Ola staffs will then train you with all the guidelines and offers.
  6. You will need to open a current Bank account
  7. After this, you will need to sign your contract with Ola, and you will then get a new smartphone with the Ola partner app installed in it.
  8. You can now run your car as an Ola cab in your city

2. Join Ola as a driver

For people who don’t own a car; you can opt to join Ola as a driver.

Simply call Ola customer care center and they will provide you will all the details and information needed to lease a car from Ola Cab.

To register with Ola Cabs as a driver:

  1. You will need to submit the following documents: Valid Commercial Driver’s License (Yellow Badge), Pan Card, Aadhaar Card, Current & Permanent Address proof, Four references, and your Bank details.
  2. You will need to pay a verification fee of INR 4000 (non-refundable) and a security deposit of INR 21,000 – INR 31,000 (refundable) depending upon the type of car you lease.
  3. Also, depending upon the type of car you lease, you will need to pay a daily rental fee of INR 700 – INR 1150. This will be automatically deducted from your total earnings while the rest will be transferred via NEFT or Cash.
  4. After your document verification and the transfer of the verification fee and security deposit, you will get your choice of car on lease.
  5. You will be trained and learn all the guidelines and offers that Ola provides.
  6. The leased car will be registered under the company’s name – Ola Fleet Technologies.
  7. Your car service will be handled by Ola, and you can schedule your regular maintenance and repairs via the Ola partner app

3. Join Ola as a Fleet operator

For people who own multiple cars; you can attach all your cars as a fleet with Ola.

You can call your nearest Ola regional office or the main office, and you will be provided with all the information and details needed to attach your cars as a fleet with Ola.

To register with Ola as a Fleet operator

  1. You will need to call your local Ola branch or the main office to register for Ola as a Fleet operator.
  2. You will need to submit the required documents for you, your cars and your drivers.
  3. If you do not have enough drivers, Ola will assist you in finding drivers. However, Ola cannot guarantee to provide driver-partners for you
  4. Ola staff will inspect the conditions of your car and check it meets Ola’s standard.
  5. Ola will then train you and your drivers on the guidelines and offers that they provide. They will also train you on how to use the Ola app as a fleet operator.
  6. Then you will need to open a current bank account. You will have to manage your driver’s salary yourself as all Ola payments will be directed to only you, i.e., a single operator account.
  7. Upon the completion of all the processes mentioned above, you are now ready to operate your fleet and start your business with Ola.
  8. You will receive support from Ola in managing your fleet; you will have access to an Ola operator app, from where you can access the productivity and performance of all your cars in real-time. 

The total amount of money you earn is calculated on a riding basis.

Upon completing a single ride, Ola company will take 15% – 20% commission from the total bill amount. This calculation is calculated and deducted by the Ola app itself.

Ola also provides attractive bonuses for their business partners.

Latest Bonus Update Of Q4 2018.

Peak Hour Timing :(12 am to 2 am, and 2 pm to 12 pm are considered as peak hours)

  • When you get 5 bookings with minimum peak bookings of 5, you will get INR 1700 MBG.
  • When you get 7 bookings with minimum peak bookings of 7, you will get INR 2400 MBG.
  • When you get 10 bookings with minimum peak bookings of 0, you will get INR 2900 MBG.
  • When you get 13 bookings with minimum peak bookings of 0, you will get INR 3900 MBG.
  • When you get 16 bookings with minimum peak bookings of 0, you will get INR 4900 MBG.
  • When you get 18+ bookings with minimum peak bookings of 0, you will get INR 6400 MBG.

Bonuses On Airport Drop – Whenever you drop a customer to an airport, you will be awarded around INR 500 as a bonus.


These are the latest bonuses chart which Ola is currently giving to drivers on the completion of rides.

Note: This Bonus varies from time to time. For the exact bonuses that are available when you attach your car with Ola, Ola will give you all the details at that time.

The Contact Number of the Main Office of Ola Cabs is: (STD)-3355-3355

Attach cars with ola cabs
You can also email Ola Cabs atsupport@olacabs.com

If you have never tried Ola Cabs, you can enter the following referral code: D72VDE and get your first ride for free.





Uber is the world’s largest cab company, yet they don’t own a single vehicle.

This global taxi technology company is owned by UBER Technologies inc and is currently valued at over $68 billion by The Wall Street Journal.

The central headquarter of UBER is in San Francisco, California, US and it operates in 633 cities worldwide. Currently, UBER operates in more than 30 cities in India.

Initially, UBER was limited to people who own credit cards.

Now in India, UBER has started taking cash payment after demands from the Indian public. This mode of payment coupled with its availability in most big cities in India, Uber has now captured a strong market in India.

attach car with uber

Upon our research on the profit you can earn by attaching yourself with a cab company, we have found out that UBER is more profitable than all other cab companies present at the moment.

UBER provides better bonuses and more daily pay than Ola; superimposing themselves as the premium cab company over other companies.

Continue reading for all the information that you require to start a cab business with UBER.

The basic requirement to attach your car with UBER is the same as Ola Cabs.

Uber provides a list of different cab types for all your commuting needs.

Whether you are traveling alone, with some friends or your whole family; UBER has the right cab for all your different traveling requirement.

UBER provides a list of different cab types that you can hire:

  • UberGo (Mini)
  • UberX (Sedan)
  • UberXL (SUV)
  • Uber VIP (Business Class)
  • UberPool (Cab Sharing)
  • UberHIRE

Start Business With Uber Cabs

Similar to Ola, there are currently three ways that you can start a business with UBER:

  1. Driver Cum Owner
  2. Driver under Partner
  3. Non-driving Partner.

1. To start a business with UBER as a Driver Cum Owner:


  1. First, you need to call your nearest regional UBER office, or you can use their official website to sign up as a partner. Register Here
  2. You will then need to submit the required documents to the company (Specified below).
  3. Your car has to be in good condition, and you need to send pictures of your car so that UBER staffs can view your car condition.
  4. You will also have to take your car to the nearest Greenlight hub for inspection so that your car quality is up to their standard.
  5. You need to open a current bank account for all your transaction and provide your banking details to the company.
  6. The UBER staffs will then give you training on how to use the app as well as the general guidelines, terms, and condition. Make sure to read and review these before signing.
  7. After signing a contract with UBER, you will get a new smartphone with the UBER partner app installed on it.
  8. You can now start as an UBER cab driver in your city.

For a Driver Cum Owner, you need the following documents:

  • Driver’s Licence
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Vehicle Permit

2. To start a business with UBER as a Driver under Partner:

  1. First, call your nearest regional UBER office or sign up with UBER as a driver from their official website. Register Here
  2. You will then need to submit a copy of your Driver’s Licence
  3. You will be trained by an UBER staff on how to use the app as well as the general guidelines, terms, and conditions. Ensure that you read and review these before signing.
  4. You will need to open a current bank account and provide your banking details to the company.
  5. You can now drive for a fleet owner as an UBER cab driver.

3. To start a business with UBER as Fleet owner:

  1. Call your nearest regional UBER office or sign up with UBER as a fleet owner from their official website. Register Here
  2. You will need to submit the required documents to the company (Listed below)
  3. Your car or cars have to be in good condition and you need to send pictures of your vehicles so that UBER staffs can view your car condition.
  4. You will also have to take your car to the nearest Greenlight hub for inspection so that your car quality is up to their standard.
  5. You need to open a current bank account for all your transaction and provide your banking details to the company.
  6. The UBER staffs will then give you and your driver’s training on how to use the app as well as the general guidelines, terms, and condition. Make sure to read and review these before signing.
  7. After signing a contract with UBER, you will get a new smartphone with the UBER partner app installed on it.
  8. You can now start your business as an UBER fleet owner in your city.

For a non-driving partner, you need the following documents:

  • Driver’s License or Photo ID
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Vehicle Permit
  • Additional Documents required by the city. Click here to know more

If you want to start a business with Uber cabs and want to attach your cars with Uber company, then you have to register from downlink below

Attach ola & uber cabs

How much Money & Bonuses do UBER cabs pay:

UBER has a different payment model. UBER has stopped their trip incentive plan, and now they introduced the concept of BG (Business Guarantee).

The day starts at 4 am with Peak Hour timing from 7 am to 12:30 pm and 5 pm to 11 pm.

The latest incentive plan as of 2nd Quarter 2017 are as follow:

  • Get INR 8400 BG for INR 2360 earning
  • Get INR 6800 BG for INR 1980 earning
  • Get INR 6000 BG for INR 1750 earning
  • Get INR 5500 BG for INR 1140 earning
  • Get INR 3800 BG for INR 1220 earning
  • Get INR 2500 BG for INR 840 earning
  • Get INR 1200 BG for INR 460 earning


To calculate how much BG you can get you to need to first calculate your earning.

Your earning =  Fare – (UBER Fee + Service Tax)

UBER fee refers to the 20% commission that UBER takes

Service Tax differs depending upon the state you have your business in.

So given an example of a day where I took ten trips for an actual trip amount is INR 1919.46. (the total fare I collect from my riders)

After deducting the UBER fee of 20% and Service tax of 4.524% (in Karnataka):

My actual earning will be INR 1919.46 – 24.524% = INR 1448.73

Now comparing my earning to the incentive plan depicted above; we can see that I qualify for “Get INR 5500 BG for INR 1140 earning.”

So now my fare is INR 5500 in addition to the INR 1140 earning.

Deducting the tax mentioned above from my fare;

My actual earning will be INR 5500 – 24.542% = INR 4151.18.

From this example, you can see that provided you work 6 days a week with 7 rides per day, you can earn approximately INR 85,000 per month.

Note: This incentive plan was taken in the Q4 of 2018, the actual bonus and the incentive plan may change. For the exact bonus that you are eligible for, you will be notified by UBER staff when you sign up with them.



All major Taxi-apps follow a policy of peak pricing during high demand hours. This also applies to Ola and UBER.

This means that the base fare increases considerably when there is a huge demand. The base fare can more than double in such cases.

This peak pricing is a matter of huge debate with considerable complaints from customers. However, both Ola and UBER stand by this policy as this ensure prompt cab service when you need it.

In areas where there is a surplus of demand for the cab, peak pricing acts as an incentive for drivers to drive to these high demand areas and as a result ensure quick service.

This surge/peak pricing is a subject where you can increase your earning by working smart.

Taking the example mentioned above; I completed 10 rides for an actual trip amount of INR 1919.46.

Taking the average, I made INR 191.94 per trip.

However, from the total 10 trips,  if I took 5 trips when there was a peak hour surge where the fare was doubled.

Then my total earnings that day changes from INR 1919.46 to INR 2879.19. This is an increase of 50% for the same amount of work.

This also enables me to get a bigger BG as I qualify for ‘Get INR 8400 BG for INR 2360 earning’

After deducting 24.542% as UBER fees and service tax; I can make a total earning of up to INR 6338.47 per day.

Quite profitable at the end of the day !!



  • How much can you earn per month from cab business?

If you complete more than 6-7 rides per day; you can easily earn more than INR 62,000 per month. This earning can further be increased by increasing the number of rides that you undertake as well as working strategically during Peak Hour time.

If you include the bonus/incentives that the cab companies provide; you can further increase your earning.

With the bonuses that UBER provides, there are miscellaneous examples of people in India earning more than INR 90,000 per month. (UBER provides the best incentives)


  • Where do you find good drivers for this cab business?

Finding a good driver is tough work. Ola and UBER do provide assistance in finding drivers for you. However, they do not guarantee it. You can look for drivers in small towns; you will find more polite drivers with less salary requirement.


  • Can you hire two drivers for a single car?

Yes, you can hire two different drivers for a single car. This can increase your profit as you will be able to cover a wider time frame. All you have to do is manage a time schedule for both the drivers.


  • How do you get a commercial license for your vehicle?

A commercial license is needed to register your vehicle with both Ola and UBER. Changing your license is a hassle, however, both Ola and UBER provide guidance through each and every step to ensure that you get a commercial license as soon as possible.


  • How do you train yourself or your drivers before starting a business with Ola and UBER?

All transactions and cab booking are done via Ola/UBER app on your smartphone. As such, training your driver to use the Ola/UBER app as well as Google Maps (For navigational purpose) should be your first priority.

Ola and UBER both trains you on their application usage when you sign up with them.

You will also need to teach your driver the proper etiquette while dealing with customers. Proper behavior ensures that you accrue good ratings which in turn increases your future bookings.


  • Can you attach your car to both Ola and UBER?

This answer is pretty straightforward. You can attach your car to both Ola and UBER. However, do note that while completing a ride order for Ola; keep your UBER phone switched off. If you do not do this, you might incur deduction for not accepting rides from UBER while on Ola.

Similarly, while on an UBER ride order, keep your Ola phone switched off.


  • Which car should you buy to start a business with Ola/UBER?

A sturdy and economic car can save you money with increased mileage and reduced service cost.

Some of the vehicles that are commonly used are as follow:

  • Toyota Etios
  • Maruti Swift Dzire
  • Maruti Swift Ritz
  • Tata Indica
  • Nissan Sunny
  • Tata Nano
  • Toyota Innova
  • Hyundai Xcent
  • Chevrolet Beat
  • Tata Bolt
  • Is there any future for the Taxi-app business?

No doubt. There is an ever-increasing competition for prompt and cheap transportation. With the advent of Ola and UBER, you can now opt for cheap and prompt personal transportation.

People now prefer comfortable AC personal commute over the noisy and less comfortable auto rickshaw ride. This demand is supplied by these Taxi-apps, and as such, there is, without any doubt, a bright future in this business.


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